A headlight is attached to the front of a vehicle so that a driver can see the front of the vehicle during low light or during foggy condition to avoid accidents. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that nearly half of all traffic- related fatalities occur in the dark, despite only 25% of traffic travelling during darkness. Headlight performance has improved throughout the automobile age. Earlier the headlights were fuelled by acetylene or oil because the flame is resistant to wind and rain but it is difficult to produce dynamos small enough that can produce sufficient current. So the demand of these types of lamp declined. Modern headlamps are electrically operated, positioned in pairs, one or two on each side of the front of a vehicle. A headlight is required to produce a low and a high beam. High beams cast most of their light straight ahead, maximizing seeing distance but producing too much glare for safe use when other vehicles are present on the road. Low beams have stricter control of upward light, and direct most of their light download and either rightward or leftward, to provide forward visibility without excessive glare or back-dazzle.

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