An oil pan is a tray-like steel or aluminium container attached to the engine block. It is the oil’s resting place before being pumped to the oil filter, cooler and engine. Oil pan components include oil pan gaskets, drain plugs, baffle tray and windage tray. All internal combustion engines require lubrication to preserve its static and moving parts. For this purpose engine oil is invented. Good motor oil multitasks from cleaning the internal surfaces of the engine to cooling down its moving components. Oil pan varies in size, and most can hold up to six quarts of oil depending on the engine type. An oil pan gasket seals it to prevent oil from sipping out the gap. However, due to wearing, oil pan gaskets tend to fail and let the oil leak out of the pan. A leak could result to low oil level, thus affecting the engine’s performance. So regular checking of the oil level is important.

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