A tailgate is a door that provides access to the rear of the vehicle. Tailgates are a common feature of trucks, vans, SUVs and other vehicles that have large storage compartments. The tailgate keeps item loaded onto the back of the vehicle and also secure it when the vehicle is stationary. There are four common types of tailgate available in the market of USA based on how the door opens. These are drop-down tailgate, swing tailgate, split tailgate, multi-way tailgate. Among the four types of tailgate, drop-down tailgate is the most common design for tailgates that features a drop-down mechanism that unlocks the panel and lays it flat, extending access to the flatbed or trunk. Swing tailgate mechanism uses side hinges to provide access to the back compartment. This design requires adequate clearance at the back of the vehicle in order to swing the door open completely. Split tailgates have two separate door panels hinged on each side of the vehicle, allowing the doors to be opened barn-style. Latest truck models feature gates that fold up and down, convert into a load stop, turn into a step, and double as workbenches to add functionality to the rear of the vehicle.

Replacing a tailgate with a new one can cost you between $400 to $900 depending on your vehicle’s year, model and make. So replacing it with a used one is not a bad idea especially if you don’t want to spend much. Zaxon provides used tailgate for all make models across the USA. Used tailgates provided by Zaxon not only have low cost but also better quality and good life. You can search for a nearby Zaxon store that may have used tailgate for your model. You can search in the USA by zip code for used parts near you using our used parts request form.

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