A window motor is a device that controls the rolling of the side windows. A faulty window motor can put your car at risk of theft. Once it gets damaged, the entire window starts malfunctioning. A window motor is a reversible motor that is controlled by a switch. It is usually installed inside the door panel behind the trim. A window motor cannot work without a window regulator. A window motor cannot be repaired. When a window motor starts to malfunction, there is no option but to replace it. Window motors are sold in the market individually or in set of two or three. Cost of window motors are usually $50 to $100. Zaxon provides you the used window motor and regulator in minimum possible price and also has a better life.  Zaxon deliver the part directly to your location from nearest store across USA. Especially when you have limited budget and your vehicle has became a decade older then replacing it’s old or malfunctioning parts with an used one is not a bad idea. Zaxon offers variation in window motor series and window regulators for different model.

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    Used window motor and regulator