A windshield wiper is a device used to remove water, dust, rain or snow from a vehicle’s front window so that the driver can better observe the front area of the vehicle. Wiper is an essential device to avoid accident. Wiper is a legal requirement for almost all motor vehicles in USA. Wiper is controlled by a motor and the wiper speed is controlled by a regulator. A wiper has a metal arm, one end is fixed or pivoted and the other end has a long rubber blade attached to it. The blade is swung back and forth over the glass to clean its surface. Sometimes the wiper speed needs to be increased in order to quickly clean the glass surface. For that purpose, a regulator is used which can control the speed of a wiper and can be adjusted according to the need. Zaxon provides you with the best quality used wiper motor across USA with better life so that your wiper works smoothly. The used regulator provided by Zaxon also has a better life. With Zaxon you get the best quality used wiper motor and used regulator in best price and with best quality all across USA.

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    Used windshield motor and regulator