Reviews and Testimonials

image006 Master Jedi, Wilmington, DE– 03Mar2012
My mechanic just couldn't believe that I bought engine& transmission together for my Subaru Forester for half the price that he quoted me. It had lesser miles & long warranty. Thank you Zaxon Auto Parts for this great deal.

image006 Jerrica Frost, Omaha, NE – 18-Feb-2013
Quick and easy. Noth­ing to it at all. Parts came as ordered, so good job!

image006 Alaina Shephard, Pittsburg,PA – 15-Aug-2011
I would highly recommend your company Zaxon Auto Parts to anyone that I know that would be in need of excellent service. I would rate your company a 10!! Excellent Customer Service &great deal.

image006 Terry Jake, Fort Gay, VI – 09-Nov-2013
Your service was great, off the wall. I will do business with you again.

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