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A/C condensers are usually located at the front of a radiator and are normally thin and made of aluminium. An AC condenser is a heat exchange system which serves a similar purpose as a Radiator in a vehicles A/C system, which is to release heat from the A/C system of a car.

Major Role:
The major role of an A/C condenser is to release the heat that is generated by the A/C system during its normal operation. It accomplishes this in a similar way as a Radiator, and they work in conjunction with evaporators. Heat absorbed the A/C system by the evaporator is released to the atmosphere by the condenser.
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  • AC Condenser

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  • Inspected for holes and leaks before shipping
  • Sold separately from the ac compressor

Part Description:
A part of the A/C system similar to a radiator that cools the refrigerant as it turns from a gas back to a liquid. Usually mounted in front of the radiator. Other names: (Condenser).

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