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The brake master cylinder converts the mechanical force from the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure. When the brake pedal is depressed, the master cylinder piston moves forward and pushes the brake fluid ahead of it. Since the brake lines and wheel cylinders are filled with brake fluid, the piston acts on a solid column of fluid.

Major Role:
The brake master cylinder contains brake fluid and is connected to the brakes through the brake pipes and hoses. When you step on the brake pedal, brake fluid flows from the master cylinder to the braking unit at each wheel, creating enough friction to slow down and/or stop the car.

Package Details
  • Master Cylinder Only.

Sold Separately
  • Quality inspected before sending.
  • Please ensure whether or not your car has ABS. If your vehicle has ABS this part might be integrated with the ABS Pump under the heading Anti Lock Brake Parts.
  • Brake hoses and lines.

Part Description:
A cylinder in which when pressure is placed upon it, it forces brake fluid through the brake lines to the Wheel Cylinder(s) and/or Caliper(s) to provide braking action. Other names: (Brake Master Cylinder).These parts are easy sales except the cases where the car Has the ABS system as well. The problem arises whether customer does not know if they need the acutal brake master cylidner or if they need the ABS pump. Many times the parts are combined together with the (545 part type is ABS) so when selling make sure customer knows what they need. If they order the 541 that does not mean they get the 545 (abs) unless they pay the difference.

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