Used Exhaust Manifold

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Package Details
  • Exhaust Manifold Only
  • Exhaust Manifolds will come without Catalytic Converters
  • Particular manifolds have the Cat Converter integrated where the part will ship as one. In these cases the Cat Converter is not guaranteed

Part Description:
The exhaust manifold is a piece that bolts on to the engine that takes the exhaust from the engine and funnels it to a pipe to the catalytic converter and then to the muffler. It is attached to the engine but it is sold separately. Check Hollander information and don't try to match up based on what they tell you if it conflicts with Hollander. SOME MANIFOLDS HAVE THE CATALYTIC CONVERTER ATTACHED. WE CANNOT SELL CONVERTERS BY LAW. IF THE MANIFOLD COMES WITH IT, IT IS NOT PART OF THE WARRANTY AND CUSTOMER CANNOT SEND IT BACK BECAUSE THE MANIFOLD HAS IT ATTACHED TO ONE.

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