Used Speedometer Cluster

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A speedometer clusters major role is to measure and display the instantaneous speed of a vehicle. They are now universally fitted to vehicles, they started in 1990s. Speedometer clusters have specific names and use other means of sensing speed. 

Major Role:
A speedometer or digital dash is a set of instrumentation that gives a digital/analogue of a vehicles speed and rpm. It’s usually located above the steering wheel that tells you what’s going on in your vehicle. Generally a vehicles speedometer will last a lifetime and you will not have a problem with any of them.

Package Details
  • Complete Speedometer and instrument cluster
  • Often includes Speedometer, Odometer, Fuel and Pressure Gauges.

Sold Separately
  • Will be tested to ensure proper function
  • We DO NOT guarantee on the mileage of the Odometer. This needs to be reset by an authorized dealership.
  • Wiring harness.

Part Description:
The speedometer cluster is the main unit that sits in the front of the driver that displays the speed, fuel level, gauges and sometimes includes the tachometer.

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